Our Team

We are an independent group of Certified Registered  Nurse Anesthetists serving the surrounding area of Moscow, Idaho. 

Gregory Bauer



Gregory started his medical career in the United States Army, serving four years in Schweinfurt, Germany.  He received his BSN from Montana State University in 1995.  Greg knew from the start of nursing school that he wanted to go onto anesthesia school.  Working in Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center's ICU, Greg honed his communication and nursing skills.  Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and St. Mary's University in Minnesota provided Greg his Masters in Science graduating with a perfect GPA in 1998.  He has practiced various locations from Eveleth, Minnesota, Baraboo, Wisconsin, Polson, Montana and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  Greg's strong communication skills and his nursing background drew him to wanting to be able to work with patients on a more one to one basis and being able to develop those relationships.  Because of his strong anesthesia and nerve block skills, he decided to go into pain management.

Dustin Gill



Born and raised in Southwest Louisiana, Dustin and his college sweetheart relocated to the Palouse with their twins in the fall of 2019.  Dustin in a graduate of Duke University School of Nursing where he received his Master's in Nurse Anesthesia.  Afterwards, Dustin completed his Chronic Pain Management Fellowship at Texas Christian University and became certified in Non-Surgical Pain Management.  He is dedicated to bringing his highest level of care possible to the people of Palouse.  His motto is always, "Heal not Harm".  When not in the hospital setting, Dustin enjoys spending as much time possible having family adventures. 

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Our Core Values


INTEGRITY:  Being in integrity does not simply mean holding true to your word with others and the position you committed to fill, it also means staying in integrity with one's self.  Holding commitments to yourself, your family, the community and the service you provide. 

LIVES ON PURPOSE: This shows the sweet spot where your intentions, personal values and vision of the business are aligned.  Living on purpose shows we are being fulfilled through our responsibilities as an anesthesia provider, our interactions with the community, the vision of the business and working with fellow team members. 

COMMUNITY:  The team members' dedication towards serving the community to the best of our ability. Our focus should always be to heal and do no harm. 

GROWTH:   We are focused to constantly grow in knowledge to best serve our community, to always think of "what's best for the patient" and to treat accordingly. We are consistently brainstorming and thinking of "long-term" care and needs for the patient.  When we cease to grow as a team, we cease to serve the community to the best of our abilities.

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